Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund (CRCRF)

The Clinton Rotary Club's Cancer Relief Fund, a non-profit entity, was organized in 1997. The Fund is set up to provide financial help to cancer victims and their families. We are celebrating our 20th year!

Proceeds are available to cancer victims by submitting an application to the Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Committee to determine eligibility for funding (assistance). The Fund does not pay medical or hospital bills. Checks are issued directly to billing entities submitted for general living expenses, such as property insurance, mortgage payments, utilities, taxes, food, etc.

Applications may be obtained by writing to Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund, P.O. Box 558, Clinton, CT 06413 or by calling Rich Onofrio (203) 907-7271 or Marcia Bird (203) 494-7329. Our office is located in the Clinton Chamber of Commerce building with opportunities to meet by appointment only.

Various events are held during the year to raise funds enabling the Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund to continue to help cancer victims and their families.

Updated Status!

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Rich and the rotary club we are now a CERTIFIED 501c3 CHARITY. Your generous donations are now tax deductible. Donations can be made out to the "Clinton Rotary Foundation" with CRCRF written in the memo line.

Additional detailed information related to this fund can be obtained by calling any of the numbers above or contacting any Clinton Rotary member.

Applicant Instructions

1. Download the CRCRF Application and complete ALL pages. Don't leave any lines blank.

2. Please include current copies of any invoices for which you are applying for assistance.

3. Make sure all forms are properly signed by your doctor(s) and attending physician.

4. Mail application to: CRCRF P.O.Box 558 Clinton, CT. 06413